Error Correction

The aim of this course is to help learners improve their speaking skills by providing individualized and collective ongoing feedback throughout the designated activities. Learners will be exposed to a variety of components such as speaking, pronunciation, grammar and writing activities.

Conversation & Fluency

This course gives learners the opportunity to improve their fluency. Learners are helped to express themselves more freely in small group discussions, with special attention given to important language functions. Lower level learners will study basic day-to-day interactions such as initiating conversation, agreeing or disagreeing, and giving directions. Higher level learners will study more advanced functions such as persuasion, countering arguments, and hypothesizing.

Discussion & Debate

The purpose of this course is to give learners the opportunity to develop communicative skills. This course focuses on the fundamentals of preparing and participating in debates through the usage of dynamic speaking techniques. Some of the applications of this course are reflected in raising the efficacy of job interviews, giving presentations in the work place, and facilitating the means for a more confident communication of ideas.

Canadian Studies

The goal of this Canadian Studies course is to provide learners with background knowledge of Canada’s geography, history, politics and culture. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of Canadian Culture to relate to Canadians in social and workplace situations.

TOEIC Part 2

Please refer to Elective 1 for course description.

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