Work Skills

This elective offers learners the skills that are required in order to have success in finding, applying for and getting a job during their stay in Canada.  In this elective, learners will have the opportunity to develop their interview skills, compose resumes and cover letters specific to the Canadian workforce, as well as practice listening, speaking and enunciation skills that are required for job interviews.

Accent Reduction

The aim of this 8-week Accent Reduction Program is to enable learners to improve their pronunciation of English so that they can be better understood by native speakers in both formal and informal settings. This course will introduce learners to the English sound system and help them to practice the necessary skills needed to improve their pronunciation.  This course will provide training with aspects of pronunciation, vowel and consonant sounds in addition to aspects of pronunciation such as syllables, word stress, processes of rhythm, pausing, linking and intonation.

English for Test Preparation

The ETP elective helps learners develop language awareness and communication skills. This course has a step by step approach to speaking and writing by providing (through learners’ needs analysis) IELTS, Cambridge and TOEIC/TOEFL texts and tasks to prepare learners for exam taking.

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) (Upper-intermediate and Advanced)

Students planning to go on to future study in an English speaking environment should choose EAP. This course is designed to help students develop the language and study skills necessary for success at university or college in an English-speaking country.

  • Academic reading and writing
  • Vocabulary extension
  • Text analysis
  • Report and essay writing
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Seminar/presentation delivery
  • IELTS test preparation skills
  • Grammar and punctuation

Grammar and Writing

The Grammar and Writing elective aims to build a strong foundation for speakers of English as a second language. By taking this course, learners will have the opportunity to boost their grammar skills through an interactive communicative approach. The course has a step by step method starting from basic verb tenses emphasizing meaning and application of each grammar point in real-life everyday conversation, which differentiates it from other existing methods.

Listening and Speaking

The Listening and Speaking elective helps learners to develop their listening and speaking skills through practicing a range of skills including negotiating, persuading, expressing opinion and requesting information among others.The listening component consists of authentic scenarios and practices various listening skills such as listening for details, identifying emotions or listening for opinions. The recordings offer a range of genres from radio and television to academic lectures, presentations and conversational dialogues.

English for Business Basics

This course enables learners to greatly improve their ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations. Areas of focus include: case studies linked to various business topics; essential business communication skills such as negotiating and telephoning; in addition to authentic reading and audio recordings.

Introduction to Barista

The Introduction to Barista Course is a training program that aims to train students in the necessary skills to making amazing coffee. Learners that can benefit from the Barista Program are job seekers who are interested in working as a Barista and anybody who is interested in knowing the secret behind a perfect cup of coffee.

TOEIC Part 1

Test of English for International Communication is an English language test designed especifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. This course provides learners with the fundamental skills that are required to achieve a higher score in both TOEIC Speaking & Writing and Listening & Reading tests. Areas of study include: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and fluency, overall coherence, structure and organization.

Presentation & Public Speaking

This course focuses on developing learner fluency in language rather than grammatical accuracy. It encourages learners to become aware of their personal strenghts and weaknesses, to express their preferences in an assertive way, as well as to be able to express ideas in small or large group situations with higher level of confidence.

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