General English

General English is the first choice for students wanting to be able to use English more comfortably in a wide variety of ‘real life’ situations. Whilst all skills are taught, there is a focus on communication in speaking and listening which includes a wide range of functional English to help students feel at ease in any English-speaking environment right from the beginning.

SELC General English

Course features:

  • News-based lessons
  • Task-based lessons
  • Discussions
  • Individual counselling
  • Video lessons
  • Computer learning
  • Using English in the real world, e.g. shopping, eating out, going to a post office or bank
  • Project work

All major skills are covered:

  • Speaking & Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Skills Development

Our most popular English course has been reformatted to provide specific ‘Skills Development’ classes in the afternoons. Using a progressive and innovative approach, these classes are designed to give students more individual feedback and allow them to improve their English more quickly and helping the more studious to progress to the next level rapidly.

Afternoon Skills Development classes focus on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our teachers provide access to a variety of materials for each level and each skill and can design your afternoon activity to suit your individual level. SELC also offers access to a substantial bank of e-learning resources.

The morning classes deliver the essential grammar and vocabulary, providing a platform for the Skills Development classes in the afternoon.

One to One / Private Lessons

If you have limited time or specific needs, you may be interested in private lessons.
We can arrange short-term one-to-one private tuition with a SELC teacher.

Electives for General English (Upper Levels)

Intermediate to above level students

Intermediate to Advanced Level students

Every Wednesday students in the General English course (Intermediate and above) do a full-day elective course, giving them a change of learning environment, helping to motivate them and allowing them to focus on those tares they feel most need improvement.
At the beginning of each term students can choose to focus on test preparation, on improving their listening and speaking or grammar and writing, or take fun cultural courses which enable them to explore more of Sydney. Our electives are offered on a rotating basis:

NEW - English Skills for Business

This NEW elective focuses on vocabulary and grammar necessary in the business world. Topics can include Leadership and Management, Project Management, Business Administration and Marketing. Students will be ready and eager to take pro-active steps to further develop a Business.

Listening and speaking

Forget the textbooks! In this elective, students learn the sort of English native speakers use in everyday situations. The lessons are fun and include movie studies, pronunciation practice, role-plays, study of idioms, talking to native speakers and lots of discussion and informal chats. It is a great way to improve listening and casual conversation skills.

Grammar and writing

The Grammar and Writing elective consolidates students’ knowledge of English and increases their confidence by focussing on accuracy in both spoken and written English.

Australian Studies

This class usually goes outside the school for activities such as barbecues at the beach, coastal walks, art exhibitions, rock-climbing. There is always something interesting in Sydney making for great discussion and cultural awareness.


This elective offers students the opportunity to learn and practice a new language while developing some basic photography skills, going to unique places in Sydney, possibly a photography exhibition and learning how to use technology to enhance photos.

Foundation to Cambridge

This elective is designed for Intermediate and weak Upper Intermediate students as a preparation for students interested in doing a Cambridge course in the future. It provides a sample of the Cambridge style of examining and learning.