SELC’s Accommodation Department visit and interview families in the Eastern Suburbs, only choosing those families who are friendly and are able to provide good quality accommodation.

There are many different kinds of families:

  • parents with children or teenagers
  • married couples with no children
  • single parent families
  • elderly couples
  • single women
  • As Australia is a multi-cultural country, some homestay families may originally be from another country.
  • Homestay families may live in a house or an apartment. Generally, most homestays are located no more than 30 minutes from SELC by public transport.
  • Some families take more than one student so you may be living in the same home as another student. We do not place two students of the same nationality in the same homestay, unless requested.
  • Homestay accommodation gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn and practise your English. Staying with an Australian family is also a great cultural experience as you interact daily with local people.

Please remember:

Homestay is NOT a hotel! Your homestay host is not a servant but rather a person who is offering you a bedroom and facilities in his/her home and wishes to find out more about you and your country.

Try to become part of the home by joining in the life of the host family and offering to help where possible. We ask that you behave like a member of the family, being helpful, considerate and pleasant at all times.

What does Homestay include?

When you stay with a homestay arranged by SELC, you can expect:

  • a private room with: a bed, a desk or a table, a chair, a lamp, storage space for personal belongings
  • breakfast and dinner every day (half-board) OR use of kitchen facilities (room & facilities)
  • a house key
  • bed linen
  • to practise your English with the family on a regular basis
  • a safe environment

IMPORTANT NOTE: SELC homestay is available only while you are a student at SELC.