Our accommodation department can arrange quality accommodation to suit your needs.

SELC’s Homestay Program involves Canadian families in East Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby. Families are chosen for their high-quality accommodation, friendliness, and interest in people from other cultures. Homestay is a wonderful way to experience Canadian life while studying English!

Homestay Options:

  1. Single Full Board: private room + 3 meals per day
  2. Single Half Board: private room + 2 meals per day
  3. Sharing full Board*: shared room + 3 meals per day
  4. Sharing Half Board*: shared room + 2 meals per day

*Shared rooms are only available for couples traveling together.

  • We also offer the Airport Pickup service!

Pre-Arrival Information – Vancouver 2013


Homestay accommodation gives a wonderful opportunity to learn and practise English.
Your stay will be a most enjoyable experience if you follow the simple rules below.

      Go home before the usual dinner time of your family. It is important to tell your host when you know that you will not be home for dinner.
      Ask if you can help with dinner.
      Ask permission to use the washing machine, phone, T.V., etc.
      Pay your homestay host for all phone calls. Limit phone calls to 5 minutes.
      Please clean your own bedroom. Ask your host how to do this.
      Wash your own clothes and do your own ironing. Buy your own washing powder.
      Do not use the bathroom for more than 10 – 15 minutes.
      Clean the bathroom after you use it.
      Clean the kitchen after you use it.
      Use your own toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, soap).
      Ask permission before you invite friends to your home.
      Try to speak as much English as possible.
      Say “Hello” and “Good-bye”, “Please” and “Thank you” to your homestay host.
      Your friends should not stay late at night.


Homestay is NOT a hotel! Your homestay host is not a servant but rather a person who is offering you a bedroom and facilities in his / her home and wishes to find out more about you and your country. Try to become part of the home by joining in the life of the host family and offering to help where possible. You are not expected to do housework, but we ask you to behave like a member of the family. Be helpful, considerate and pleasant at all times.


SELC homestay is available only while you are a student at SELC.

In British Columbia, if you are under 19 years of age you are considered a minor and must apply for custodianship. You must return to your Homestay no later than 10:00pm every day. Always tell your homestay host where you are going and give a telephone contact number and address whenever possible.

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