SELC programs make use of SELC’s excellent resources and facilities, its dedicated homestay department and the beautiful surroundings of Sydney.

There are 2 types of SELC PROGRAMS:

Closed English Classes

This type of program is suitable for any age (the minimum age of 12 years old recommended) and time length. The class will have their own SELC teacher who also accompanies them for all activities, both weekday and weekend.

This program is totally flexible and allows you to choose the number of English lessons and activities that will best suit the group. Lessons can even include cooking classes and the Internet!

There is also the opportunity to visit a local primary or secondary school. We can arrange cultural exchange activities where the students mix with each other and enjoy learning about each other’s culture.

Our lessons are fun and concentrate on English that will be useful during their stay. Lessons are frequently based on that day’s activity, so students can use their English immediately.

Have a look at a Sample SELC Program.

General English Classes

This type of program is available for students over 16 years and has a minimum length of 2 weeks.

Students first complete a level test and are then placed in a class, with other international students, appropriate to their English ability.

English study can be part-time (15 hours/week) or full-time (21 hours/week) with your choice of activities.