SELC has its own Homestay Department. As group students can have specific needs, we take special care when selecting families. Where possible we try to place the students with families who have children of similar age and sex.

Recreation Centres

These are located both in metropolitan Sydney and country areas. Students share cabin-style accommodation and are provided with 3 meals each day.
Recreation centres have both classroom facilities and various outdoor recreational activities such as basketball, swimming, hiking, and tennis.
SELC provides a coordinator for the group who teaches English lessons and leads the students in recreational activities. The coordinator remains with the group 24 hours a day.

Farm Stay

Here students can experience life on a farm – milking cows, sheep shearing, riding a horse and canoeing. Farms are located only 2 hours from Sydney and with facilities for also teaching English lessons, it is a perfect way to learn and enjoy English and Australia’s countryside.


3-star, 4-star, 5-star hotels can be arranged upon request.