At SELC we believe that your success is our success. If you want to study at university, college or TAFE in Australia, we will help you get there.
Our Academic Counsellor will help you to:

  • research which courses are available
  • choose which course is best for you
  • enrol at university, college, or TAFE

Academic Pathways

Success at university, college or TAFE in Australia starts with EAP at SELC. Many SELC students go on to further study in Australia. SELC has developed a range of links with major universities, colleges and TAFEs around Australia. SELC’s direct entry pathways allow students to enter directly into Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor and Master courses without an IELTS test.

To get direct entry without an IELTS test, students need to successfully complete a full 12-week cycle of English for Academic Purposes at SELC at the appropriate level.
To qualify for a Letter of Recommendation from SELC, students need to perform well in the following:

  • Project work
  • Presentation
  • Homework
  • Class Participation
  • Progress Tests

Direct entry pathways from SELC's EAP course

Click here for a complete list of tertiary institutions including hyperlinks.
These courses and institutions accept students directly from SELC’s EAP course WITHOUT AN IELTS SCORE upon SELC’s recommendation.