SELC provides a range of accommodation options for our students and the most popular, by far, is homestay. Students who come to study English in Australia are usually very interested in meeting Australian people and experiencing life in Australia. Living with an Australian family helps them learn English and also gives them an insight into our culture and way of life. The experience of hosting an international student can be very rewarding and many life-long friendships are made.

SELC’s Accommodation Department matches up student requests for homestay with our extensive list of accommodation providers. Our homestays are carefully chosen for their interest in hosting international students as well as the quality of the accommodation they are able to provide. Students are given clear guidelines of what they can expect and what is expected of them while they are in homestay. See Living with a Homestay for an example.

We are always interested in hearing from families in the Eastern Suburbs who would like to host international students in their homes. If you would like to be a SELC homestay family, please fill out the Homestay enquiry form and a member of the SELC Accommodation Department will contact you shortly.